Won Park Dolarlardan Origami Coşturmak

Won Park – The Master of Origami Paper Folding

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The goal of this art is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper, and using only one piece of paper.
Won Park is the master of Origami. He is also called the “money folder”, a practitioner of origami whose canvas is the United States One Dollar Bill. Bending, twisting, and folding, Won Park creates life-like shapes inspired by objects living and not– both in stunning detail.

One Dollar Koi

One Dollar Butterfly

One Dollar Camera

Two Dollar Battle Tank

Two Dollar Chinese Dragon

One Dollar Construction Machine

One Dollar Crab

One Dollar Dolphin

Two Dollar Jacket

Two Dollar Spider

One Dollar Turkey

One Dollar Scorpion

One Dollar Praying Mantis

One Dollar Bat

One Dollar Toilet Bowl

One Dollar Penguin(Left),Two Dollar Angry Bear(Right)

Euro Cockerel Rooster (Left), Euro Eiffel Tower (Right)

Enterprise Bottom View

Three Dollar Millenium Falcon

Two Dollar Bird of Prey

Dollar Tie Interceptor

Vader’s Tie and Escorts

Two Dollar X Wing

One Dollar Shark

One Dollar Jet

One Dollar Hammer Head Shark

One Dollar Stag Beetle

One Dollar Stegasaurus

Yunus Ertürk

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